Send my muse one of the following texts to see how they react:
  • [text] I need you so bad right now
  • [text] They know.
  • [text] I know everything.
  • [text] OH FUCK OH FUCK
  • [text] Make sure you’re alone- I don’t want anyone else seeing what I’m about to sent you.
  • [text] I accidentally sent it to the wrong person, help?!
  • [text] We need to talk
  • [text] I don’t want to talk about it
  • [text] The bed is definitely broken beyond repair…
  • [text] Delete my number
  • [text] Either way I’m going to make you scream my name by the end of the night
  • [text] Come over in the next 5 minutes, or not at all
  • [text] Stop ignoring me and pick up your phone
  • [text] I th  unk drink? Help me can home?!!!!! :xx)
  • [text] You free tomorrow?
  • [text] You left your shirt and I’ve been wearing it all day, so now it’s mine
  • [text] I don’t think you understand just how big his dick is!!!
  • [text] Thanks to you, the new neighbours now know my name xxx
  • [text] If I said that I was wearing nothing but an apron and was armed with strawberries and whipped cream, how quickly would you come into the kitchen?
  • [text] What’s the dress code?
  • [text] Black, red w/ lace or  sheer white????
  • [text] I know you said not to clean your room, but it was filthy- also for future reference, hide that in your sock draw and not under your pillow next him.
  • [text] I hear a celebration is in order?!

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Talk to my character using only song lyrics. They’ll reply doing the same.


Let’s make a musical!


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Let us get the ball rolling, shall we? Reblog if you happen to be a Marvel or X-Men Rp blog


It’s as simple as that.

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❝ *teleports into the air several feet above you* look out below! ❞

AH!! *teleports a few feet away and looks at you confused and surprised*

Wha- who are you? And what was that for? You could have landed on me!

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❝ What was it like being a mutant before the x men found you? what was your life like?? ❞

I was in a circus with my adoptive parents in Germany before Xavier called me and told me about the Institute. I loved being in the circus! It was so much fun with my family and I felt like I didn’t have to hide because everyone thought that my skin was a costume. Then it got to a point where I felt like I was still hiding, pretending that I was someone I wasn’t… people never truly accepted the real me. So when I got the call, I just had to go; had to meet other people like me. And that’s were I am now and I feel more accepted than ever ^.^ Danke der Nachfrage! (Thanks for asking!)

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Send in sexy pictures of your Muse to my submit box, and see how my muse reacts..



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Your character finds a hickey on my character’s neck. How does your muse react?

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Reblog this if on today you’re thankful for your roleplay partners

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OPEN- journal

Kurt sat outside of the Institute in his human form, in case any non mutants walked by, and began to think about… I don’t know; just began to think. He had a journal in front of him that he hasn’t written in in a very long time. He opened it and sighed, wanting to write something just anything but not knowing what.

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❝ Rp with me please senpai? ❞

OOC: Sure! do you want to start it? I will answer as soon as I can if you do start (i’m in school so it might not be right away). Also, let me know if you have any specific expectations or ideas or a plot for our RP :)

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